Featured Image for "Get Healthy Now 5K"
It has become a tradition that Life as a Zebra Foundation partners with Antioch Cares each year for a 5K run/walk in June. The goal for the race is to raise funds to
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Life as a Zebra Foundation’s youngest supporters, Isabelle Wynn and Zoe Ziegler, have organized two Zebra Zoom 5k’s, which have raised over $2,000 for Life as a Zebra Foundation. The Foundation is so
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On July 22-23, 2014, Life as a Zebra Foundation Co-Founders, Katie Dama-Jaskolski, Allie Affandy, board member, Angela Morris, and Mike O’Brien met with congressional leaders in Washington, D.C. to discuss the prevalence of
Featured Image for "Michigan Invisible Illness Awareness Weeks"
For five years, Life as a Zebra Foundation has spearheaded the adoption of Invisible Illness Awareness week in Michigan during the last full week in May. The Michigan Senate and House of Representatives
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Life as a Zebra Foundation has hosted five benefit concerts to date to raise money to directly support the groundbreaking research on POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) being led by Dr. Blair Grubb
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Several years ago, Life as a Zebra Foundation started an annual event called Zebra Day. For this event we partner with inspiring speakers and go into elementary and middle schools to share the