Zebra Day and The Kind is Cool Campaign

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Several years ago, Life as a Zebra Foundation started an annual event called Zebra Day. For this event we partner with inspiring speakers and go into elementary and middle schools to share the message of kindness, patience, not judging others, and empathy. 

Most recently, at our sixth annual Zebra Day, we were joined by Arthur Ray, Jr., former MSU and Miami Dolphins football player, to share his story about living with, and beating cancer. You could hear a pin drop in the school as Arthur shared his inspirational message of maintaining hope and determination through adversity. 

We love Zebra Day so much that we want to share that message all year long to people of all ages.

That’s why we started the Kind is Cool Campaign. 

You never know what someone is going through. Even when someone treats you unkindly, you can break the negative cycle and meet them with kindness. 

We wear our Kind is Cool shirts proudly and love to see Zebra Nation sporting them as well – all over the world! It’s a great reminder to ourselves and to others – that when faced with the choice – always choose kindness. It’s THE cool thing to do. 

Share your Kind is Cool pictures and stories and we may feature them on our website and social channels! We can’t get enough of them!